5 Questions that transformed sales

Two quite separate sales teams produced dramatic increases in their sales by addressing the same five questions. They were questions they themselves had to answer before every sales call.

The first sales team had been drifting along for several years, just tuning up and inflicting their personalities on their prospects. At best they were order takers. The Sales Manager was quite content to drift along with them.

I was seconded from another part of the group, given the title of Field Sales Manager, and told to make a difference in a hurry. The sales training I conducted was based on five key questions.
Within 3 months revenue jumped up 33%.

Three years later I was offered a similar challenge, only this time I was Sales Manager and had to d-o-u-b-l-e the revenue in the first year. Out came my five questions again. In the 11 months from February to December, we T-r-i-p-l-e-d the previous year’s revenue.

Of course, there were other ingredients in my sales training, but these five questions created the right approach: the sales people had to ensure that they had the answers on the tip of their tongues before going in to see any prospect.

1. Why am I here? 
2. Why should this person see me? 
3. What can I offer that they cannot get from someone else? 
4. What do I want at the end of this meeting?
5. What’s the least I will settle for?

Think about it. They produced the right sense of purpose and they ensured that prospects’ time was not being wasted.

Most of all, the mindset mattered more than sales techniques, although those are also important. But it’s the change to the mindset that gets the results.



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