5 Star Book Reviews

Reviews for The FT Guide to Making Business Presentations

Author: Phillip Khan-Panni

5.0 out of 5 stars Best book of its kind

By Gauger

I found this both an easy read and a most useful refresher. I have been making speeches and presentations for many years but this book gave me a new understanding of the relationship between presenter and audience. It helped me better to understand how audiences listen and was particularly helpful on the use of structure. The book’s own structure made it easy to dip into at will, and there is a useful section at the end to enable the reader to monitor future progress. I recommend it highly.

5.0 out of 5 stars Simply the Best

L. KIng

Like a fine wine, Phillip Khan-Panni improves with age.

As winner of the `UK Business Speaker of the Year’ award for 2011, Phillip continues to demonstrate the practical application of those presentation techniques so eloquently described in several books on public speaking.

In this latest book, all of the normal bases are covered from the perspective of a skilled professional speaker though I was particularly interested in the section on visual aids and specifically Powerpoint which is the source of so many presentation disasters.

Not content with the fashionable `don’t touch with barge-pole’ approach, Philip describes how the sparing use of Powerpoint can significantly enhance a presentation.

He also provides several technical tips intended to improve control of both hardware and software–avoiding, for example, the spectacle of Windows re-booting in the middle of your presentation

If you haven’t read any of Phillip’s previous books on public speaking, this one is an excellent source of his `distilled’ wisdom on the subject–if you are already a PKP fan, this book will bring you up-to-date with relatively recent innovations such as the use of YouTube and other multimedia sources

Like a fine wine, Phillip is best appreciated `little and often’.

5.0 out of 5 stars Comprehensive, authoritative and fun

William Cohen

This book manages to be business-like, personal and wise. Mr Khan-Panni tells several stories from his own experience explaining how he managed to win audiences over. He has an impressive pedigree as a speaker, having won national and international competitions. Every chapter has a tip, a checklist or an anecdote which is worth keeping – things like how to ‘prepare’ a speech at the last minute – prepare being the important word.

What I like about it is that it focus on practical business, with frequent references to branding, advertising and sales. I liked the way he turned on its head the usual nonsense about people being more afraid of public speaking than death. All these skills are vital to British businesses if we’re going to get out of the hole we’re in.

Have you read the book yet? You can still get a substantial discount from Amazon UK: http://tiny.cc/hdq1h. But hurry. The price is starting to go up!


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