The Naive Customer

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I believe people.

That makes me a sucker for sales pitches and confidence tricksters, many of whom infest the internet.

I am also an early adopter. When something new comes along, I’ll take it up. And when I come across a good deal, I want it NOW.

Such tendencies have repeatedly got me into trouble. For example, this week I came across an American (of course) offer to show me how to use Twitter to build a large and responsive list. All for $17. It turned out to be a $17 ticket to receive a $197 pitch, with barely a nod in the direction of the original offer.

Numbers of times I have signed up for some mouth-watering guide to something or other, only to receive links to 10 downloads, all of which I would have to read, and none of which I would have the time to manage.

It’s a safe ploy to over-deliver by orders of magnitude, knowing that the customer has only himself to blame if he does not carry out the full programme. It’s like the small print that no one can be bothered to read before ticking the box – with similar dangers!

Another ploy that catches me out is to make me jump through several hoops between paying for the product and receiving the download, so that I lose track of what I’ve ordered. My download folder is full of items that I haven’t had time to open or activate.

When I say I want it now, it means I’ve seen something I’d like to have, the solution to some problem or other, but I want to get it now and use it later, when I have more time. I want to download it, and place it where I can see it, preferably not in the Download folder, where I’m likely to forget about it.

I admit I have only myself to blame, but I’m certain those internet marketers have the measure of me and others like me. They know that some of us can’t be bothered to chase them for a refund of the $17 (or other small amount), even if we could locate them again.

Another interesting development has been the email thanking me for an order I did not place. Or for registering for something I did not request, asking me to activate my account. It all seems plausible

I see myself as an opportunity for unscrupulous internet marketers, and a warning for other naïve customers.


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