Who writes those dreadful cold calling scripts?

Male with steam

“Could I speak to the person who deals with elfin safety, please?” asked the caller. I replied that there was no such person here, so the conversation ground to a halt and she hung up.

What could she have said differently about Health and Safety that would have engaged my attention? What could she have said about the danger of not addressing H & S?

Could she have said something like this: “Who would be the person responsible for dealing with a complaint from a former employee about an unsafe computer?”

Or what about, “I’m calling from XYZ to ensure that companies like yours are not at risk from problems arising out of faulty office equipment. Who is the person I should speak to?”

The caller who rang had no chance at all with the approach she used. But is there a different approach that would get your attention and keep you talking?

I’ve no idea who writes the scripts for call centres, but most of them are so bad that they couldn’t possibly have been written by a professional copywriter. Cold calling scripts are specialist skills and can only be written by someone with first hand experience of selling.

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